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Dr. K. Medvedev Veterinary Clinic  began its work on 1 April 2006.
From the beginning, our team is guided in principles such as professionalism, competence, charity, responsibility.
We always strive to establish a fair partnership with the owners of our patients in the returning of the health of their pets. Therefore, we consider three important principles - mutual trust, interaction, and mutual responsibility.
These principles enable us to carry out our mission -  the provision of professional veterinary care, assistance in improving the lives of companion animals and man.
In addition to providing services in all areas of practice of veterinary medicine, we have established a high-level rendering DERMATOLOGICAL help animals.
Dermatological consultations are carried by PhD,  author of the first and still the only domestic monograph on diseases of the skin in small animals, "Diseases of the skin of dogs and cats," Konstantin Stalievich Medvedev.
We were treated for dermatological help pet owners from all regions of Ukraine.
We also provide advice and guidance to our colleagues from other veterinary institutions. In addition to dermatological care we provide as animals and other veterinary services. The clinic is equipped with the necessary diagnostic and laboratory equipment which allow the ultrasound, electrocardiography, Doppler, X-ray studies, biochemical tests of blood and urine.