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Konstantin Medvedev, chief, the candidate of veterinary sciences (PhD).
Veterinary practitional since  1990. In 1987, he graduated with honors from the Veterinary Faculty USKHA. From 1990 to 1997 - the state veterinary doctor in clinic of   Solomenskyi district of Kiev, 1997 - 2005 - Chief Medical Officer, Head of the State Hospital, Chief Veterinary Officer  of Svyatoshinskiy district of the capital. In 1999 he published the book "Diseases of the skin of dogs and cats," in 2001 he defended his thesis on "Atopic dermatitis in dogs." Delegate of the World Veterinary dermatology congresses: 2004 - Vienna 2008 - Hong Kong, 2012 - Vancouver, as well as the European Congress in Italy (2010). Author and organizer of master classes, as well as international conferences in veterinary dermatology in Kiev (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.) With the participation of well-known experts in  small animal veterinary dermatology from Russia (Ekaterina Kuznetsova), Estonia (Svetlana Belova), Germany (Monica Linek), Czech Republic (Jan Rybnichek), Slovakia (Panakova Lucia), Switzerland (Silvia Wilhelm), Greece (Manolis Saridomikelakis). He was the first in Ukraine (2004) who introduced intradermal tests for defining of allergens in atopic dogs. Author of numerous publications on veterinary dermatology. In 2000 he was nominated for the awarding of the "Golden Scalpel" of Russian Veterinary Association. He was awarded the medal "For contributions to the development of veterinary medicine of Ukraine" third degree (2010).